Browse the Bais Yaakov Directory -- from your pocket.

As simple as using the printed version -- you can browse by letter.

All of the data. None of the hassle.

Residential and Business listings, or browse by business category.

At a glance.

Detailed View lets you see commonly used data from the main screen, or tap on an entry to get the full listing.

How would you like it?

While you can browse business alphabetically, a full categorized list is available.

Can your directory do this?

Not only can you search instantly by name, but you can search on any data in the database -- for example, get all listings on Barclay (useful for Mishloach Manos!), or do a reverse phone search for 738-2100. The power is in your hands with Bais Yaakov Directory.

Instant dial.

On Treo smartphones, dial the number you've found in one tap. Easy enough to do with one hand.