Download the latest version of the Bais Yaakov Directory software & data here!
Note that you will need a registration code -- contact us to get one.

Current program version: 1.2.0
Current data version: 070808

Installation instructions

  1. Enter your user name and registration code in the form below, then click the 'download now' button. When asked to Open or Save, choose Open.
  2. When the download completes, you will be shown two files: BYDir.prc and BYDirData.pdb. Double-click each file separately. You may be asked to confirm which PalmOS user to install the files to. Choose your user name and click OK.
  3. Connect your PalmOS device to your computer and perform a HotSync operation.
That's it! Just open the "BYDir" program on your PalmOS device and you're set! You'll need to enter your registration code again -- contact us if you don't have one.

Download form

HotSync user name:
(go to the HotSync application on your device, and check the top-right corner)
Registration code:
(provided by the seminary -- sign up!) (191 KB)